Side 7 Mirrored Promise - Chapter 5
By Ashley Venable (snowhawk)
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  Mirrored Promise - Chapter 5 — By Ashley Venable (snowhawk)  
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  Mirrored Promise - Chapter 5 — By Ashley Venable (snowhawk)  
Rating: E
Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 805.59 Kb
Dimensions: 950 x 503
  07 Jan 2020 - 09:52 ET
I had... so many panels I loved from this one. But the 2nd to last one where she's first seen/locked eyes with Adian gets to be the promo. ... I kinda went overboard in the panel with the sparkles, but it's not full-on shoujo, so I really held back. (Also, yay, I get to draw Adian regularly for this! lol)

Mirrored Promise is currently running on Webtoon Canvas. You can access it via this link!

The update schedule is currently every 3 weeks, though if I can get the help, I'll try to reduce that. It'll be live sometimes around this scheduled post... or as soon as I wake up to click the post button.

My franken-PC is up and running!

And so is my Patreon special! New, current, and upgrading Patreon members will have the ability to get a bust/shoulders-up sketch of their (non-humanoid) OC or pet! My tiers start at $1/month, and you get to see the larger versions of panels like this, as well as process versions (when I remember to save them). The post for this episode will be a bigger than usual one. Check out Patreon for more info!
Artwork © 2020 Ashley Venable

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